Adult’s Team

The adult’s team will be made up of:
Albino Neiva, head teacher and Music teacher, involving the whole school community in the educational project and ensuring the continuity of the working group, if any teacher leaves, indicating another person to ensure the continuity of the project;
Ângela Novo, Mathematics and Natural Sciences teacher, will assume responsibility for managing the entire project, including budget control and oversight of activities;
Maria Alice Pimenta, Portuguese and French teacher, also school librarian, coordinator and responsible for the management of the five school libraries and coordinator of school projects, and also of projects in the field of reading promotion, mainly associated to the new information technologies and ITC;
Rui Santos, Arts teacher, responsible for several projects in the national and international scope, namely in school libraries and animation cinema, was also coordinator of a previous Comenius project and, currently, coordinator of an Erasmus+ project.

Student’s Team

The student’s team will be made up of: ….