Project Benefits

Teachers’ Benefits:

Opportunity to know and adopt new teaching methods or specific strategies through educational
Reinforcement of their professional profile
Keeping in touch with multicultural realities
Improvement of ICT abilities
Reinforcement of multicultural – European social abilities
Achievement/improvement of organization and cooperative work with foreign colleagues.

Students’ Benefits:

Recognition of Animation as an cinematographic language
Increased knowledge of European heritage
Improvement of linguistic ability to communicate
Practice of ICT in various situations and contexts, with different tools and varied aims
Reinforcement of social capacity of establishing and keeping contact with foreign people
Acquaintance with different learning practices of the European educational system, namely in the teaching/learning of literature and animation cinema
Development of their individual ability to face new situations, so improving their maturity
Creativity incrementation through creating and viewing movies
Achievement of an increasing motivation
Creation and realization processes: pre-production, production and post-production of animated film
Improvement of their ability of research in group or individually and cooperation involving students with special educational needs

Families’ Benefits:

Acknowledge the opportunity given to the students, as a very useful and cultural enrichment
Motivation for the role of personal and social inclusion factor
Enlargement of their points of view as far as cultural interchange is involved
Establishment of a straighter dialogue between families and school
Awareness of the importance of their children as learners of art, ICT and foreign language
Participation in all the organized events

Community’s benefits:

Dissemination events in each partner’s school (between international meetings) to promote the animated movies of the different partners participating at the project and present the outcomes already available. An informative campaign, animation movie festival, students presentations to school community, days for official presentation of the project outcomes.