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Esposende http://www.acoliveira.org Agrupamento de Escolas António Correia Oliveira General education (secondary level)

Agrupamento de Escolas António Correia de Oliveira is a public general secondary school which includes classes for, primary (235 students) and secondary education (621 students). Currently there are 856 enrolled students ranging from 6-15 years old, 79 teachers and 24 non-teaching staff. Our students come from a county whose the main household activity is industry, coexisting with this mode of subsistence the traditional agriculture-oriented activities, where has been a subject of intense human pressure and a certain disordered urban occupation, with some disregard for nature and landscape values included in them.

However, the city has assumed an important role in betting on the environment. Our school throughout the years has been developing projects at national and international level in different areas, from arts, Portuguese language, sports, science/biology and information technology and communication. Most of these projects were awarded. It has also developed other projects in cooperation with the City Hall, the Municipal Library and Municipal Museum such as interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary activities.

The project “Read to Animate” responds to the needs of the teachers and students of our schools in an international and multicultural collaboration. Animation can be an essential meaning to establish the link between individuals and peoples. It will be approached as a mean of communication to propose an ideal of coexistence behaviour, also to develop the sense and sensibility towards diversity, integration, multiculturality.

Besides achieving moral and social values, they will be able to acquire and apply knowledge, as well as certain competences related to the subjects they study at school.