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Bapha http://www.ou-zaharistoyanov.com Zahary Stoyanov Primary School General education (primary level)

Zachary Stoyanov School (Bulgaria) is a primary school with 933 students. They are divided into 35 grades at 7 educational levels. Our school was founded in 1969. It is situated in the most beautiful and green residential district “Chaika” in Varna city.It’s one of the best schools in it. Our teachers are high qualified, experienced and the students are well motivated.There are 28 classrooms,two IT cabinets, a library,2 gyms, a tennis court and an open air sports facilities in the school. The process of education is conducted by 58 teachers and a specialist from the Psychology Guidance Service.

We take special care of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. receiving insufficient parental care) and SEN pupils facing learning difficulties for various reasons. They are assisted by our psychologist, the resourse teacher and all the school’s community. We work on the social integration of students’ from mixed marriages and those coming from disfunctional families, running the risk of social exclusion. Our pupils take an active part in extra-curricular activities, interest clubs, and therapeutic workshops. Students from our art classes have won a lot of national and international contests.

Our school pays a lot of attention on developing reading habits, IT competences,learning foreign languages using innovative and creative activities.Our main aim is to prepare students for the lifelong learning and to apply their knowledge into real life.To be successful, tolerant and responsible sitizens.We want to make the students aware of the important role of the reading habits and the library in their educational process.

This year our school is organising an open-air library with the help and support of all school community, parents, local authorities and cultural organizations. Students, teachers and parents will bring some of their favourite books, magazines and create the librarian corner. Thus we provide more convenient space for collaborative learning and teaching.