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Poland Wielka Wies http://www.spww.pl Szkola Podstawowa im. ks. S. Konarskiego w Wielkiej Wsi General education (primary level)

We are a state primary school situated in a rural area of the Jurassic Highland in close proximity to Poland’s second big city, Krakow. Most pupils are at, or above the expected standard of educational achievements. The education cycle is divided in a lower primary (ages 7-9) and upper primary stage (ages 10-14). Except year 4, there is one form at each year, with 15-20 pupils in. Altogether, there are 130 learners, 24 teachers and 4 other staff. The educational process is based on the national curriculum complemented by extra-curricular classes.

The school life goes on in a peaceful and homely atmosphere, with emphasis on the student encouragement and motivation. Along with developing gifted children, we support SEN pupils (Asperger, dyslexia, general learning difficulties) and pupils from disadvantaged families. As progress-oriented, we realise the need of constant improvement in certain areas.

Developing reading and digital competences in our students and fostering their sensitivity to creative arts (film, music, fine arts) have been among our top priorities. We believe full progress in those areas will only be possible through effective joint work and sharing experiences with international schools.

Developing literary competences and transferring them into digital creations will increase the pupils’ application of new ICT tools for education and enhance their skills in various disciplines due to cross-curricular character of the project. Mobility activities, in turn, will be a chance to improve the learners’ use of English and expose them to other cultures and lifestyles so they can develop tolerant and friendly attitudes to their foreign peers regardless of ethnicity, religion, or values. It is of great importance today when the core EU principles based on human dignity, freedom, and the rule of law are often disregarded.

The project is addressed to all pupils with emphasis on learners aged 10-14. All learners will be involved in reading literature learning to make animations and making international contacts while classes 6-8 will also create more advanced works meant as main material outcomes. An Erasmus+ student club will be formed to carry out activities on a regular basis.