Project Description

“Read to Animate” is a collaborative project among partner schools from Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Poland and Portugal. This project undertakes a key role of taking attention of working with textual genres of universal literature through the production of animated films.

The “audiovisual language” allows students to learn the process of producing a video, in a dialogue between the curricular contents and the cultural knowledge. Through reading, images analyses, preparing screenplays, and other aspects of audiovisual production, students will have a multidisciplinary learning that contribute to the development of skills, critical understanding of the world and of new technologies, improving the integral formation of citizens.
The fast mobility of people in Europe is transforming our life. It is transforming the way children and young people see their world, their culture, their language and communicate with each other. However, so far, this revolution has not transformed our schools or most teaching and learning processes in our classrooms.

Today’s young generation lives in a “global world” and technology based where to be part of it and in a lifelong learning perspective they need to acquire are not only basic one competences such as reading, counting or writing but also transversal competences: teamwork, communication in a foreign language, ICT skills, musical and cultural identity.
According to the Key “Competence Framework”, “Cultural awareness” and expression“: ability to appreciate the creative importance of ideas, experiences and emotions in a range of media such as music, literature and visual and performing arts. Is the objective of our project and we believe that it can be gained via new forms of literacies, creative problem solving skills, collaboration and communication skills and cultural and ethical awareness.

Our prior aim is to create awareness about a european and multicultural world by teaching our students how to communicate using animation, literature, ilustration and authors, as literary heritage and as an important tool that would enable them to gain problem solving, collaboration, creative thinking and communication skills, beyond the cultural differences of every type.
The project is aimed at students aged from 10 to 14 years old. We believe that through the production of stop motion animated films, we will be able to bring together the literature, culture, history and heritage of each country through an appealing and creative language, motivating students to value their heritage.
From the reading of works of reference of the literature of each partner, we will take the students to develop reading and literacy skills, interpreting texts and illustrations. The ease of communicating through the digital language that our students reveal today, will be strengthened and channeled towards acquiring new knowledge and broadening understanding of different cultures.

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